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Maternity Care International

Are you or your dear ones living abroad but dreaming of a Dutch-style maternity experience? Look no further! I specialize borderless maternity care service and bring the excellence of Dutch prenatal care right to your doorstep, regardless of your location on the map!

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Sign up

How to sign up:

Complete the signup form on the website. I will then contact you for an intake and provide you with information about my maternity care, address any inquiries you may have, or provide you with a quotation.

When do you sign up:

Preferably from week 11. 

Although registering before the 15th week of pregnancy would be preferable, later registration remains a possibility, pending my availability.  

Following this, we'll coordinate an appointment to delve deeper into your preferences. We can arrange a personal meeting if you are in the Netherlands during your pregnancy. Otherwise, we can connect via telephone or digitally. Throughout the pregnancy, we'll maintain regular communication for any updates or information. 

Upon the onset of labor, please inform me asap. Subsequently, we'll collaborate on planning my arrival. I strive to be on-site as swiftly as possible once both mother and child are discharged from the hospital.

Insurance & Payment

Dutch Clients

It varies based on your current insurance status in the Netherlands. If you're still insured in the country, maternity care hours are eligible for reimbursement. We'll handle the submission to your insurer for payment processing.
You might possess expatriate insurance, or there could be potential options provided by your employer..

International  Clients
Together we assess the duration of the care that is needed and an invoice for the agreed-upon hours is made.
The option for night care is also available for international care. 

Flight and accommodation expenses are separate from the hourly rate. These costs will be covered and calculated separately.

The minimum requirement for the number of hours is 40, spread over 5 to 6 days. Together we'll assess and agree upon the daily necessary hour division. 

Additional hours: Extension of services beyond the initially agreed hours is possible. We can discuss and arrange additional hours based on your needs and requirements.

Regarding payment, I request half of the total invoice to be settled before the commencement of services. The remaining half shall be paid upon the completion of the agreed-upon hours.

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