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Maternity Care 

During the delivery and the maternity period, the maternity nurse plays an important role. As an expert professional, I assist the midwife in the deliveries and provide support to you and your partner. In the first week of parenthood, offering knowledge and expertise on baby care, nutrition, and safety.

At the end of the week, I am leaving you confident and independent in caring for your child. In the post-partum period, I strive to create calmness, regularity, and guidance within your home. Daily monitoring of the new angel and the mother, daily nutrition guidance, techniques on breastfeeding/bottle feeding, and ensuring sufficient rest.

I enjoy assisting in capturing the “many first moments, with enough tissues at hand and being prepared to wipe away eventual tears.
My ultimate goal on the last day of my care is to leave you feeling confident, secure, and ready to rock it as a parent! 

My consistent backup is  Lucyna, a certified doula and independent maternity nurse. This ongoing partnership significantly enhances our ability to ensure consistent and high-quality care. 

Sign Up

Complete the signup form on the website. I will then contact you for an intake 

to provide you with information about my maternity care and address any inquiries you may have. Preferably sign up from week 11 of your pregnancy. 


Between week 30-32 of your pregnancy, I come to visit you and your family for a personal meeting, to go over preferences, expectations and answer any last questions. 


While filling in the sign-up form, you provide your insurance information and at the end of the maternity week, I declare the costs to your insurance company.  

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