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Bengkung Belly Binding

Bengkung Belly Binding is a traditional Malaysian practice involving the use of a lengthy piece (10-17 meters) of cotton fabric to bind the abdomen of a woman who has recently given birth. This technique is an effective and crucial method to aid in your recovery during the initial weeks after childbirth. 

The Bengkung wrap provides comprehensive 360˚ support, helps increase bloodflow, strengthens mobility, helps your muscles to heal, it enhances posture, and provides support to the entire torso. Over time, all vital organs, including the uterus, gradually return to their pre-pregnancy size and position due to belly binding.

After a c-section it helps with post-op bloat, helps the incision heal and lowers swelling from surgery. 

Woman bound in the bengkung belly cloth

When to start?

For a vaginal birth, it is advised to begin wrapping during the first week after childbirth. If you've had a cesarean section, it's recommended to start wrapping between 4 to 6 weeks postpartum with approval from a doctor.

The wrapping routine involves daily sessions: 10-12 hours a day for the initial six days, followed by approximately 10 hours at night, until reaching around 40 days post-delivery, with a minimum duration of 14 days.

What materials are used?

First a moxa treatment: stomach massage with castor oil and application of the moxa stick. 

By burning a Moxa stick, a comforting warmth is generated, gently enveloping your body, especially targeting the womb area deep within.

Moxa therapy, also known as moxibustion, involves warming acupressure points and meridians located in the lower abdomen and lower back. This technique aims to enhance blood circulation, alleviate discomfort, aid in recovery, and replenish energy levels.

The wrapping involves the use of a handmade 100% cotton cloth, which you can either rent from me or purchase on your own.

What are the charges?

The cost for one binding session is €150,-

Additional sessions are also offered at a rate of €70,- per session.

Additionally, there's an option to rent the cloth for an extra fee of €70,- as a deposit.

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