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Kraambaas Tía Maura with a newborn and big brother helping

Maternity Tasks Overview

Baby Care

Daily observations of your baby's: weight, temperature, navel, color, breathing, digestive track, motor skills and overall behavior.

Physical care : eye-, navel-, nail and skin care

Maternity Mom

Daily control of her temperature, pulse, physical recovery (uterus position, blood loss, mental well-being, aiding in bathing and hygiene. 

Guidance in feeding your baby:
                  breastfeeding techniques and positions

                  bottle feeding preparation, techniques, positions

Breast feeding/

Bottle feeding

Guidance, aiding and information in the start of this journey 

Information & Instruction

On newborn care and development

Light Household work

Sanitary, bathroom, laundry (mother & baby)


Breakfast, lunch, dinner (if there is enough time)

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