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Kraambaas Tia Maura in uniform holding a newborn baby.

Tía Maura Maternity Care

About Me

I am a mother, a certified maternity nurse, my name is Maura. A lover of life, energetic, bilingual (fluent in English & Dutch), face each day with a smile and ready to make it beautiful. Within the past years I have commited to fulfilling my purpose here on earth: caring for new angels and their protectors here on earth. 


As a certifited maternity nurse I provide new parents with the care that they need, guiding them with knowlegde in taking care of their newborn, helping them transition into parenthood as well as making their postpartum period pleasant and enjoyable as possible. My ultimate goal on the last day of my care is to leave you feeling confident, secure and ready to rock it as a parent! 


My journey started working with Postpartum agencies in Amsterdam and Haarlem, and since 2023 I spread my wings as a freelancer. I have provided maternity care mainly to expats from various countries living within Haarlem and Amsterdam (Brazil, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Great Britian, Morocco, China, Mexico, Russia, Indonesia) as well as Dutch citziens. 


Yearly I follow various trainings and courses for my KCKZ creditation and I am registered in the quality register.

Kraambaas Tia Maura holding a newborn
Kraambaas Tia Maura with a sleeping newborn

Tía Maura's Blog


Maternity Care

Professional maternity care for new parents during the postpartum week, the Netherlands. This includes guidance and support for mother and baby during the post partum week.

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Maternity Care Abroad 

Professional maternity care and expertise for new parents, expats (dutch) abroad, during the postpartum week. 

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Belly Binding

Benkung belly binding originates from Malaysia. It is a traditional method where the pelvis and abdoem of the mother tied in a special way. It helps the body recover faster due to removal of air, blood and fluids. 

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We had a great maternity period, Maura was a winner. She understood our needs and took great care of us and our son . It was a pleasant week, we learned a lot from her and she had a lot of love for both us and our son. Our son has a bonus aunt :) If there is a 2nd, we will certainly use her service.

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